About Us

We’re Tim and Oli, two musicians living in Hampstead.
Some people say to never go into business with your friends, so we must be the exception to the rule. After years of friendship, working together has been effortless, giving us complimentary styles and a unique sound. We’re bringing a pair of young, fresh faces (and ears) to the game, keeping up with the ever-growing expanse of music, technology and looking to push the envelope wherever we can.

We adore DJing and playing music out, and love nothing more than creating the ideal vibe for your celebration. Between us, we will put on a show that never compromises on music selection, equipment or atmosphere. We offer an easy and straightforward package, designed to take the pain out of planning.



“I’ve been involved with music all my life - I was always that guy tapping out beats on tables, so I put this to use through drumming and DJing.

I’m hugely into the tech side of music, so I’m always on the lookout for shiny new toys to stay ahead of the curve. We refuse to compromise, making sure our setup only consists of premium industry standard equipment.

In the many years I’ve been curating my music collection, I have been influenced by the music scenes that I have been a part of around the world - from London to Los Angeles with a lot of stops in between. I have amassed an eclectic library of songs, styles and vibes that never fail to get people moving at the parties I’ve played. “


“I came to Djing with a background in drumming. In the time I have worked in the music industry I have signed two record deals with my indie pop band The Wondersmiths. I have spent over a decade playing to thousands of different people across the country, supporting the likes of Kasabian, The Maccabees, Grouplove, Tribes and Bloc Party.

When I found DJing, It quickly became my new obsession. After a few years of finding my own way, Tim came into the picture and Wind Tribes was formed.

We know how important it is to put the audience at the heart of what we do. Whether it be mainstream, underground or old school - we ensure our collection is as well-rounded as possible so that everyone in the building hears something they can dance to.

With my experience on the road and Tim’s encyclopedic knowledge of music, we have the perfect toolset to give you and your guests the party of the year.“


It doesn’t end here. Request a quote or get in touch to let us be a part of your story.