Wedding Music: How to Choose Tracks With Emotion


Musical compositions can be moving – not just for your feet, but emotionally too. Everybody has ‘that song’ that can stir up all sorts of emotions within you.


What do Freddie Mercury, Bach, Louis Armstrong and Taylor Swift all have in common? They all had an ear for what instruments, keys, notes and phrases sound good together.


Wedding DJs need to have that same ear in order to move their audience on the night and to provide entertainment for everyone and ensure the bride, groom, family and friends are dancing all night.


At Wind Tribes, we like to keep things personal – our wedding playlists are a collaborative effort built with the bride and groom to incorporate the perfect song for a first dance, any floor-fillers and vintage classics for the grandparents.


Every wedding is different, so there’s no ‘catch all’ playlist that will satisfy everyone – great care must be taken to customise the music. For example, consideration of cultural and religious traditions is important to build into the wedding entertainment. Wedding DJs who can seamlessly blend customised music into the flow of the night  will ultimately be more memorable and personal.


Equal consideration must be given to songs on the ‘no-play’ list – there will always be songs that won’t fit the vibe of the night. A good wedding DJ will make sure any no-go songs are cleared in advance with the bride and groom. Whilst cheese can be fun in small doses, it may get tiring after the third macarena of the night.


Ultimately, the spotlight is not on the wedding DJ – the focus is on the special day. Like many avenues in life, careful planning and open communication are the pathways to success. The music and entertainment at an outstanding wedding is the end product of thorough preparation and open communication of wants and needs.


Oli & Tim

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