The Nature of the First Dance

The moment when the newlyweds step onto the dance floor for their first dance is a magical one, and quite possibly the most iconic moment of the whole Wedding Reception. It’s one of many considerations during the planning process, but one that will be locked into the memories of you, your friends and families forever.

All weddings are different, so the actual placement of the first dance in the running order of the day is up to you. Generally speaking the first dance follows the Grand Entrance of the Bride and Groom into the reception area.

Some Brides prefer to have the meal following the First Dance, cementing that special moment for the guests and having all eyes on them, with the open dancing reserved for after the meal. Some Brides would rather have the First Dance follow the meal, with the First Dance leading immediately into the open dancing for the rest of the guest.


It all depends on your preference and how you would rather have your evening set out – any Wedding DJ worth their salt should take all of these logistical considerations into account. They should plan accordingly with the Bride and Groom to make sure all parties are aware of the timings for the night and to ensure no awkward silences on the dancefloor waiting for the First Dance song to play!


If you’re shy, you might not want to be in the spotlight for long with all eyes on you – it’s a lot of pressure! We’ve seen more than a few Grooms in our time who are a bit daunted by the First Dance. After all, it’s one of the most memorable events of the ceremony and no doubt the photographer will be keen to catch the best moments. Although your guests won’t be expecting a Strictly-level performance, it could be worth taking some dance lessons together if you’re apprehensive. This can help to ease any nerves you may have and ensure you blow your guests out of the water the moment you set foot on the dancefloor.


But out of the millions of songs out there, how do you narrow down which one will fit your dance and create the right moment for you as newlyweds, as well as your guests? As we are DJs by trade, a large part of our work is music curation, selection and knowing the right song for the right moment – we’re happy to impart some of our tricks and criteria to help you find the perfect song for your first dance together as a married couple.


Here’s a few points to consider:


  • What are the lyrics, and do they reflect the vibe you want to convey? There are a lot of songs out there that have a beautiful sound to them, but with very somber and sometimes depressing lyrics that may convey the wrong message!
  • How fast is the song, and will you be able to comfortably dance to it? It may be worth jumping off the sofa and briefly throw some shapes to it and see if it’s the song for you!
  • What atmosphere are you trying to convey? Many couples go for romantic, intimate songs to share a moment with their friends and family, although some might want to turn up the energy early and go for something more spirited and lively. It’s all down to how you want your evening of entertainment to be remembered, by yourselves and your guests.


When you’ve settled on a song you both love and want to signify the start of your marriage, let us know! The sooner the better, as this will give us time to curate your songs and make us ceremony-ready. As Wedding DJs, we will have our bespoke wedding playlist tailored for you and ready to go the moment you step onto the dancefloor – with multiple backups to  ensure no technical difficulty on the night.


There’s no ‘one-song-fits-all’ for a First Dance song – there’s millions of songs out there and each couple will be looking for a nuanced soundtrack to their night. However, we’ve seen some songs that have created some very special moments in our time – here’s some inspiration to help you pick out the ideal song for your First Dance and set the stage for your Wedding Reception:


  1. Just Because – Nikka Costa
  1. I Finally Found Someone (Bryan Adams & Streisand)
  1. Your Song – Elton John
  1. Be Mine – David Gray
  1. Backwards and Forwards – Aztec Camera
  1. At Last – Etta James
  1. Better Together (Jack Johnson)
  1. Crazy Love (Ray Charles)
  1. I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin McCain
  1. Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  1. I Could Not Ask for More – Sara Evans
  1. Lost In This Moment~Big & Rich
  1. The way you look tonight by (various artists)
  1. Making Memories Of Us – Keith Urban
  1. You Are My Home – Vanessa Williams and Chayanne


Oli & Tim

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